Coronavirus is making headlines! And so are the number of statistics shared on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media sites, and with that every symptom from a cough after a meal to a mild flu after a cold bath can send one typing nearest Covid 19 Testing Center to me. Found yourself relating to that?

And here’s the next part, with the number of people rushing into coronavirus testing in Florida, no one’s willing to even give a second thought as to considering the testing center they are walking into. Because at the end of the day we are all just eager to hold that report in our hand that says COVID 19 negative.

And with the hurry for that we just follow the first direction that we get when you type Coronavirus testing centers near me, on the Google map!

But on the other hand, if you are more of the careful types and perform a thorough check before you decide on the clinic you want to visit, then, we are a Coronavirus testing center in Florida that you can look at, with walk-in clinics in both New Port Richey as well as Springfield.

The Difference?

So, what makes us different from other centers that perform Coronavirus testing in Florida? Well, for one, we are easy to schedule. We know that someone typing nearest COVID 19 testing center to me on the screen is in a hurry and we won’t waste your time with the unnecessary formality.

Moreover our experienced providers know what you need and take care of you just the way you would expect them to. We don’t make a fuss over insurance and accept most insurance providers. And finally, we are open six days of the week so this is a Coronavirus testing center in Florida where you can come and get tested anytime of the week. This holds true for our testing centers in both Springfield as well as New Port Richey.

Primary Care Walk In Clinic

Apart from serving as a center for Coronavirus testing in Florida, we at this center also attend to children and adults with various other health issues.

So, we are not just your answer when you are typing Coronavirus testing centers near me. Drop by whenever you think you need to get checked by a physician.

Suddenly got injured at work? Drop by! Met an accident on the way to work? Drop by! Come across a skin issue? Drop by! Need to check yourself for any health issues? Just drop by!

And finally, got an accidental fit of sneezing or found yourself coughing today? Don’t take chances. Nobody will judge you!

Just because we are one of the best Coronavirus testing centers in Florida, doesn’t mean we won’t tend to patients with skin and other health problems. Our commitments apply to all patients in Spring Hill and New Port Richey and so if you are a patient, you can be sure that you can be safe in our hands.