Walk-in Clinics No Insurance Office Visits
School Sports Physicals in New Port Richey
DOT Physical Examinations in New Port Richey
Obagi Medical Products in New Port Richey
Auto Accident Injuries in Spring Hill, FL
Well Woman Exams in New Port Richey, FL
Minor Surgeries in Spring Hill, FL
No Insurance Office Visits

• High Deductible or No Insurance
• You Can be Seen Immediately
• $110 First Visit & $90 for Follow-up
• Discounts on Most Services
• We Accept Credit Care Financing

School Sports Physical

• $35 with Pictures of kids being checked
• Quick physical for school or daycare
• TDAP Vaccine is available

DOT Physical Examinations

$150 - A qualified medical professional will provide you a 'Medical Examiners Certificate' or 'DOT Medical Card' if you meet the medical guidelines the Department of Transportation has established

Obagi Skin Care

• Nu-Derm System
• ELASTIderm
• Blue Peel RADIANCE
• Obagi Facial Moisturizer
• Obagi Sun Shield SPF 50

Auto Accidents

If you’ve been in an accident, there are things you should do:
• Safely attend to the scene and get all relevant information from the other driver
• Get to a Doctor to assess all injuries sustained in the accident
• A qualified Doctor knows how to identify, document, and communicate injuries with your attorney and insurance company
• If you have been in an accident, our clinic & staff can help you get back to your life fast

Well Woman Exam

• Office Visit with Physician/NP
• PAP and Breast Exam
• Birth Control Pills if needed
• STD Testing if requested

Minor Surgeries

Lumps & Bumps Removal under local anesthesia including:
• I & D Abscess
• Removal of Lipoma
• Ingrown Toe Nail
• Fracture Casting
• Removal of Skin Cancer

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Welcome to Primary Care Walk In Clinic

At Primary Care Walk In Clinic, we offer an alternative to Emergency Room visits, saving time and money. Our physicians and staff can provide comprehensive care for adults and children of all ages with almost any health problem.

Our clinicss in New Port Richey, FL and Spring Hill, FL are now accepting new patients of all ages.

If you are in need of a physician, or if you need services for chest pain, minor injuries, infections, influenza, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, or almost any other health problem … Stop By or Call (727) 844-5555 or (352) 666-5555 today!


Internet Special Physical

Internet Special Physical

Price : $299

Office Visit with the Doctor

Blood Work – (CBC, Electrolytes, Thyroid Function Tests, Lipid Panel, HbA1C  and PSA(male)/Iron(female))

EKG if over 40(charges extra)

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Well Woman Exam

Price : $199

Office Visit with the Doctor

Breast Exam, PAP

Birth Control Pills (if needed)

STD Testing (charges extra)

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Discounted Self Pay No Insurance Services

Discounted Self Pay no Insurance services

Price : $110

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Urgent & Primary Care in New Port Richey & Spring Hill, FL

What our patients say

Nora Madden

I am Nora's son, John...Dr. Dhaliwal and his staff have provided me with excellent care...to the extent, that I consider Dr. Dhaliwal as my Primary Physician!!!  Always friendly and very professional
Primary Care Walk In Clinic of Elfers....is an excellent choice for anyone, anytime. Personalized care with or without an appt!!  Every thing is completely explained....in plain english!!  I understand what is wrong, how it will be tended to, and what to expect from various treatment options!!  NEVER HAD THAT BEFORE.....I feel involved and educated about my condition.

Carol Santell

I love my Dr Dhaliwal ❤️ office, you are greeted by happy sweet front desk professionals, take pretty fast and Dr. DHALIWAL in with you quick 😀 He talks things out with me and goes over health issues and if needed perceives for help, he is thorough and gets your labs and other issues taken care of very 😊

Kari Pagnano

This is a very professional office. The staff and the doctors are knowledgeable and thorough. I was so happy to find this facility as I am visiting from out-of-town and needed to see a primary care doctor for a check-up and referral. Dr. Dhaliwal is the best.

Dennis Goodwin

I've been relying on Dr Dhaliwal as my primary for over ten years, I trust in him implicitly

his Kid

Dr. Dhaliwal's office staff is always kind, supportive and helpful. Dr. Dhaliwal has helped me resolve a lot of medical issues this year and I recommend him and his office to anyone who has been searching for a quality Physician. I have for years and finally found an office that my voice is heard and my issues are addressed.

Nina Broeske

I've been using Dr. Dhaliwal since 2012, regularly, always impressed with wait time and efficiency of staff. The doctor is always thorough, and the specailists he has come in for testing is so convenient. this is a good primary doctor as well as urgent care. I recommend them to my friends and family.

Matt S.

Dr. Dhaliwal is a good doctor, i have been seeing him on and off for 20 years, he is very honest and straight forward, every time i just listen to the Dr. Dhaliwal instructions i am better for it, i am stubborn and don't like to always listen, because i am against certain pills, Dr. Dhaliwal does what he has to do to get through to you, and he did that for me, and i am allot better for it. I highly recommend, he has your best interest in heart and always does whats best for his patients. If you are looking for a no nonsense honest doctor that will get you well, then Primary Care Walk in Clinic is the right place for you. Also, his office staff is very nice.