Clinic Services

Diagnostic Services

Our Walkin clinic offers complete and comprehensive diagnostic services that are available for all sorts of cases. Diagnostic Services ensures the facilitation and easy availability of timely, cost-effective, and high quality diagnostic care services.

Urgent care

If you are looking for convenience, cost effective and urgent medical care service for patients, then you can find top notch healthcare primary services at our clinic. We have the right alternative for you to choose that will give you budget friendly services without needing to wait in long queues.

Employer services

If you are concerned about health screening of new employees, need not worry as we offer complete screening services for all. If you want to completely check whether you’re new recruit fits the criterion or not, you can rely on our alcohol consumption test, narcotics consumption test for better results.

Occupational Health

Occupational health services focus on keeping the workers happier and more productive. These health services ensure that workers find better services for healthcare for everyone.

Primary Care

From diagnosis to treatment, we offer all non-emergency primary care services. You can get your health checkup done within minutes and get a family doctor assigned to you and get healthcare services easily and quickly.

Workers’ compensation

Employers are concerned about workplace safety issue but workers compensation service from us ensures that you stay clear of all worries. We offer medical clinic giving top healthcare and treatment services for employers as well as employees.



Consider taking physical exams for early detection of your ailments and diseases. Make sure that you find better services easily and better healthcare for a fit body. Taking physical exams helps individuals in staying alert regarding their health and improves their fitness while controlling any recurring or emerging weakness or ailment.


Clinic Services

We offer a wide range of services that offer healthy, updated, latest and professional healthcare to everyone. Our services involve.